Fort Knox

Legend Vault

When only the very best will do, we offer the Legend.  No other manufacture offers a 1/4″ thick body combined with a stainless steel liner to maximize theft and breach security.  The 55 rack and pinion matching machined gears give the Legend Vault an exclusive opening system that only Fort Knox can provide.

Titan Vault

Securing your possessions with a heavy 3/16″ bodied vault is just where the Titan Vault begins.  Adding the inner steel lining gives you a vault and provides superior protection on a level that only Fort Knox can provide.

Guardian Vault

Even the top of the industry manufactures can only hope to manufacture the precision of the Guardian Vault.  The bolt pattern offers pryable protection far beyond what the others have to offer.  Add a few options to the Guardian Vault to create a personalized vault specifically for your needs.

Protector Vault

With exacting details and precise manufacturing processes, the Protector Vault is what the rest of the industry wishes they could build.  The mysteries of vault construction are unveiled with the manufacturing details of the Reinforced Fire Door and all of the industry leading components of the Protector Vault.

Executive Vault

The Fort Knox Executive Vault is built with 4 gauge (1/4″) solid steel walls.  More steel = more security. When you need solid, heavy, thick protection, the Executive Vault is the way to go.  The Executive Vault comes with the 5 to 1 gear reduction in the handle, the star corner bolts and a finished in either our texture or gloss finish.

Maverick Safe

CONSTRUCTION MAKES THE SAFE!  With the Maverick Series, design standards are equivalent to most of the other manufactures upper end products.  Compare the details and the value and security of the Maverick Series and see how it sets itself about the rest of the safe industry.

Vault Room Doors

As time goes on, all collections grow. A vault room will give enough secure storage for any collection including guns, personal heirlooms, business and family records, jewelry, photograph and art work. Fort Knox vault doors are designed for easy installation in a custom, walk-in security room. The heavy, fire protected, steel doors can be set in a pre-formed concrete or cement block opening. Your security room with the Inside Release Mechanism, offers safety for your family as well as protection for your valuables. Available in the attractive high gloss centerpiece, that carries many of the same features as our Titan series or the no frills, textured finish for the conservative budget. The inside swing model will compliment your vault as a storm shelter or hide-a-way. Create “Peace of Mind” in knowing your family and other valuables are safe.

Defender Vault

TAKING A PROTECTOR VAULT AND ADDING THE DURABILITY OF A THICK ZOLATONE FINISH, creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment.  Durability and practicality with the most sizes available only occurs in a Fort Knox Vault.

L Seriers Commercial Safe

The L series by Fort Knox are the commercial standards in the safe industry. Carrying the UL TL30x6 rating makes this safe secure from most types of burglary attacks including the use of pry bars, drills, hammers, cutting wheels and saws. The concrete lining creates the fire protection and security but it also adds some additional questions regarding placement. With these extreme weights, these safes will not sit on a typical wood frame construction floor nor go up or down stairs. When selecting a commercial safe, placement consideration is critical.

Pistol & Shotgun Boxes

The same premium quality that Fort Knox builds into their full size safes has been engineered into the new Fort Knox Pistol Safe.