American Security Safes

American Security Safes – Gun Safes

HS Series

American Security Safes offers the only U.L. Listed TL-30 burglary and fire resistant gun safe on the market. Overall thickness of door is 6” and is constructed with a 3” defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a unique, high density fire and burglary resistant composite material.

NF Series

¼” Steel Plate door with 3 layers of fire insulating material. ETL verified Fire protection of 1200°F for 90 minutes. Proven to maintain interior temperature of less than 350 degrees.

BF Series

AMSEC is now offering additional security peace of mind with our new BF HD series gun safes. These safes are built to the same high quality standards as our current BF Series gun safes. All BF HD Series safes include a 4 gauge inner liner for added security protection.

FV Series

3⁄16″ Steel Plate door with 2 layers of fire insulating material. Mercury fire protection of 1200°F for 45 minutes. Proven to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°F. 2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable Palusol™ seal on door. Body constructed of 12-gauge (FV7240E5 – 11ga) solid steel plate with a fire insulating material.

TF Series

3/16″ Steel Plate door with 2 layers of fire insulating material. Mercury fire protection of 1200°F for 30 minutes. Designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°F.

Defense Vault

There’s no better place to store your home-defense weapon within arm’s reach than under your bed in the secure and easily accessible AMSEC Defense Vault! The High Security electronic lock is easy to use, and in a matter of seconds, the door is open and the weapon is in hand!

Handgun Safes

PB3 Handgun Safe – AMSEC’S PB3 handgun safe with pry-resistant locking bolt.

PS1210HD Heavy Duty Handgun Safe – AMSEC’S PS1210HD is a Heavy Duty Handgun Safe that’s Made in the U.S.A.!

IRC412 – AMSEC’s IN-ROOM ELECTRONIC SAFE, with its easy installation, maintenance and manage.

HAS410 Handgun Safe – AMSEC’S HAS410 is a compact “hide-a-safe” model that’s made to mount conveniently under a bed.

PS1210EZ Easy Carry Handgun Safe – AMSEC’S PS1210EZ has some of the same features as our Heavy Duty pistol safe.

Floor Safes

Brute and Super-Brute Series Floor Safes

All BRUTE SERIES safes are designed to provide secure storage for documents, jewelry, precious metals and miscellaneous valuables at an economical price. When properly installed in a concrete floor, BRUTE SERIES safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection. BRUTE floor safes meet and exceed the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance.

Star® Round Floor Safes

STAR® FLOOR SAFES are engineered with advanced security features. STAR Tube safes have been the standard for gas stations, fast food, small retail establishments and home owners for over 50 years. Low cost, combined with the various body styles and optional doors will fit almost any cash handling system. When properly installed in concrete, STAR® FLOOR SAFES provide maximum fire and burglary protection. Now, with the water-resistant dust cover, you get protection from water as well.

Star® Rectangular Floor Safes

STAR® Rectangular Body, Round Lift-out Door “B” RATE FLOOR SAFES offer a large cubic inch capacity at a reasonable price. Strong, continuously welded steel bodies are offered with our standard “C” rate lift-out combination door and water-resistant dust cover.

Major® Round Floor Safes

MAJOR® Tubular Body, Round Lift-Out DOOR FLOOR SAFES provide excellent fire and burglary protection when properly installed in concrete.

Wall Safes


Heavy duty steel body, 3/16” solid steel door and flange. Extra spacious interior, while still offering the convenience of fitting between studs.


U.L. listed Group II key changeable lock, with relock and 1 million possible combinations. Electronic lock optional. Flat dial allows flush mounted installation.

Heavy-Duty WS1214

Same features as Super Brute Floor safes. Two removable shelves. Extra deep interior.


When fire is a concern, there is no better wall safe than the WFS149 or WEST149.

Cash Management Safes

Cash Wizard

The AMSEC CashWizard® offers a wide range of capabilities including MEI bill readers to increase cash processing speeds, a robust reporting system to make accurate and verified shift reports, a comprehensive access control system to enhance security and remote capabilities to transmit data to the financial institutions or armored car carriers for provisional credit.

Retail Money Manager

AMSEC’s Retail MoneyManager Safe offers unrivaled value in electronic safe access. Built tough to maximize protection against burglary attempts, the Retail MoneyManager has all the advanced features necessary for commercial applications.

Depository Safes

BWB Depository Safe

Extensive research and development went into the engineering of AMSEC’S WIDE BODY “B” RATE CASH HANDLING DEPOSITORY SAFES. Designed to offer complete cash management versatility with a front load depository option and a pull-out deposit drawer (Model BWB3020D1 only).

DS Series Safe

AMSEC’S DS SERIES DEPOSITORY SAFES are designed to provide immediate deposits and storage for cash, jewelry and miscellaneous valuables. Deposits can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse or a front-loading deposit door.

Money Manager Safes

AMSEC’s “B” Rate Money Manager Series Undercounter Two Door Depository Safes are the most effective cash handling systems available. Engineered to help you achieve total cash control.

ACF TL-30 U.L. Listed Fire Rated Money Chest

AMSEC TL-15 and TL-30 U.L. Listed MONEY CHESTS qualify for Mercantile & Broadform Insurance Class ER (TL-15) and F (TL-30) with a banking rating of BR (TL-15) and G (TL-30). AMSEC MONEY CHESTS offer the highest level of security available with many outstanding features and a wide range of options.

ACF TL-30 Fire Rated Depository Safe

AMSEC’s ACF TL-30 TWO DOOR DEPOSITORY SAFE offers complete cash management versatility for any operation that requires a nonreturnable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The U.L. listed TL-30 composite construction offers peace of mind when overnight protection is required.

Security Safes

Wall Safes

AMSEC WALL SAFES are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. Each wall safe is also designed for easy installation between 16″ o/c wall studs. Pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange eliminates unnecessary replastering.

BLC Security Chest

AMSEC “C” RATE SECURITY CHESTS are designed to provide secure storage at an economical price. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance, these units offer an appearance and many features similar to AMSEC’S higher rated TL-15 models.

MS Series Mini Safe

AMSEC’S MS1414 Mini Safe is a perfect solution when you need “B” rate security, but are limited on space.

BLB Security Chest

AMSEC “B” RATE SECURITY CHESTS are designed to provide secure storage at an economical price. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance, these units offer an appearance and many features similar to AMSEC’S higher rated TL-15 models.

BWB Security Safe

The many different features of the BWB WIDE BODY SAFES, make them perfect for commercial application or home use.

Fire Resistant Safes

UL Listed 2-Hour Fire and Impact Safes

All AMSEC U.L. Listed fire safes are protected by a LIFETIME FREE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, assuring the original owner free replacement of safes that are damaged beyond repair by a fire with a current production model of comparable value. The damaged safe must be returned freight prepaid to the factory within 30 days of the loss, accompanied by a properly filed fire department report.

BF Series Burglary and Fire Safes

The AMSEC BF® SERIES offers a unique design that combines all the security features of a burglary safe and the peace of mind achieved with a fire safe. The industry’s first U.L. Listed, fire-rated burglary safe offers an affordable solution when burglary and fire protection are an essential part of your buying decision!

CSC Series Composite Safes

AMSEC CSC SERIES COMPOSITE SAFES are an affordable solution when you want to protect both documents from fire and valuables from burglary attacks. During extreme testing procedures the CSC SERIES COMPOSITE safes passed a 2-Hour, 350°F factory fire test certification.

FS Series Imported Fire Safes

The economical range of our IMPORTED RESIDENTIAL FIRE SAFES (ELECTRONIC and COMBO) is the answer’s to today’s high incidence of residential fires. Our Fire Safes also provide burglary protection making them ideal for home and light commercial applications.

Electronic Safes

EST Series Electronic Security Safes

These small burglary resistant ELECTRONIC SECURITY safes are perfect for a variety of home security needs and come with AMSEC’s NEW state-of-the-art DL5000 electronic touch-screen locking system.

In-Room Electronic Safes

AMSEC’s IN-ROOM ELECTRONIC SAFE, with its easy installation, maintenance and management features has become a popular safe in the hospitality industry. Designed with the traveling guests in mind, the IRC916E will adequately secure laptop computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables in the most user-friendly safe made.